Wow. That was easy.


People love Authintic Brick for the warm, comforting colors and aesthetic textures it brings to any room or environment. But what you’ll also love is the ease of installation. Authintic Brick is made from real fired clay brick, yet it’s light and versatile. It can be easily installed on virtually any existing wall surface. With Authintic Brick, you can transform any space with a distinctive new look or accent that will leave you asking: “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Endless Possibilities

From man caves and wine cellars to kitchens and outdoor patios, Authintic Brick is made to revitalize and renovate your rooms like no other brick. It’s real thin brick that makes a real difference, right there where you need it.


Remember when brick was heavy and cumbersome? Not anymore. Today, thin is in. Especially if you want to achieve the rich aesthetics of real clay brick – without having to worry about any downside. Brick has changed. Have you? Here’s just a partial list of reasons to consider Authintic Brick for your next project.

Matching full brick
Environmentally Friendly
Easy to install
Made from real fired clay brick
Choices Choices Choices


Fireplace facing
Outdoor kitchen and hardscape
Exposed foundation wall
Home additions
Exterior gable peaks
Wine cellar
Vaulted ceiling
Basement remodel
Porch or patio
Siding replacement
Dining room feature
Home office upgrade
Kitchen backsplash


Exterior cladding solution for all building types
Restaurant interior and exterior
Tilt-up concrete panel projects
Pre-engineered metal support systems
Projects that require continuous insulation
Projects with high seismic requirements
Lobby, reception desk and other customer greeting areas
Precast concrete façade solutions
Combine matching full brick and thin brick
Outdoor eating spacese
Hardscape and signage structures
Interior application to match exterior masonry
Interior and exterior retail branding


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