2019 Design Trends that will make your imagination soar

We’re only a month into the New Year but we’re already learning what interior designers, architects and DIYers are imagining for their next big projects. While people are looking to keep things modern with trends like industrial and farmhouse, they’re doing it more colorfully, incorporating nature and honoring the environment with sustainable practices. And we’re loving watching how our clients incorporate brick into many of their designs. So, based on what we’re seeing, here’s our insight into 2019 design trends and how brick will play into them.

Colorful life, colorful design in 2019

While the trend of having a bright white space may not go anywhere any time soon, people are looking to add more pops of color. We’re even hearing that some clients feel the white trend doesn’t reflect their own colorful lives. 

Monochromatic color schemes

New designs are making statements with monochromatic color schemes. We’ve worked with architects who appreciate the range of brick to incorporate a crisp brick within a clean design for a very modern monochromatic look. Paired with natural stone, siding, and a gorgeous green landscape, this rich gray cannon architectural brick makes a monochromatic statement.

Dark and moody color schemes

On the other end of the spectrum, aged brick is full of character and is still popular to give projects weight, credibility and presence.  Some interior spaces are becoming unexpectedly dark and moody with the warm and rich colors of thin brick, which provides a palate of textures, colors and aesthetics.  

Natural color schemes

Brick in more of a natural state, has the ability to be timeless.  We’re seeing a surge of “warehouse” walls, background for many different aesthetics – Old World, industrial, hipster, a contrast for contemporary design. Designers continue to choose brick as the perfect backdrop for changing styles. 

2019 design trends by space

Our DIY clients are showing a preference for statement backsplashes and they’re taking them all the way up the wall. Our aged capers island thin brick makes a “wow” backsplash in modern bathrooms, entertainment/bar walls and kitchens. Because thin brick comes in small packs, we’re seeing people get creative. They’re blending and making unique designs by mixing with other materials like stone, glass and wood. They’re even cutting it and manipulating it into different shapes.

Outdoor rooms are expanding to include more kitchen conveniences and even outdoor ovens. 

In these spaces, the brick only improves with age and weathering. 

For commercial and even some residential exteriors, we’re seeing architects mix brick with other materials – metal, steel, glass and wood.  This mixed look is great for modern, contemporary design because it can mix to create so many unique looks for a series of storefronts.

Second nature design and keeping it sustainable

Bringing the outdoors in continues to be something we strive for. In addition to seeing more green plants inside, we’re seeing more natural materials inside. We want the modern conveniences and comfort of air conditioning and beautiful furniture, but we want to be reminded of the glorious outdoors. 

Brick can help bring nature in. It flows seamlessly from interior to exterior living spaces. We’ve seen it used on walls, floors and yes, even ceilings. Painting and lime washing are just a few examples of how you can further pair brick with new design trends while keeping brick’s best qualities: no maintenance, burn-proof, insect-proof, lower energy costs, lower insurance rates (in some areas), strong in severe weather and higher resale values.

While people are bringing nature in, many also want to design responsibly. More of our clients are being asked to keep future generations in mind. They’re turning to clay brick – one of the most sustainable building products – to give their projects that timeless appeal with natural, environmentally-friendly materials. 

Meridian’s commitment to sustainable practices rises well above any environmental requirements. We have the only LEED GOLD certified brick plant in the U.S. As one of the largest manufacturers in the U.S., we can offer an abundance of options.  However, we manufacture brick at locations across the U.S. to allow for regional sourcing, which keeps transportation at a minimum. We are currently converting our Salisbury, NC plant, a wood fire (sawdust) plant, to use natural gas and will produce cleaner, more environmentally friendly product.

Which design trends are you pursuing in 2019? Leave us a comment below. To see how one of Meridian’s many bricks could come into play for your next project, try our brick visualizer today.

We hope you enjoyed our sneak peek at 2019’s design trends and the important and timeless role of brick.